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The Corporate Wellness Program is hands-on and customizable so your employees see positive results towards feeling healthier. Employees will have more energy, increased motivation, and increased happiness as their health improves.

Julie sees employees one-on-one. She uses a non-invasive testing approach to discover the root cause of their health concerns followed by a natural modality called BIE, or bioenergetics, to help the body heal naturally and to create optimal wellness. Julie loves to work with clients individually and believes BIE should be accessible to everyone.

Staff appointments can be scheduled for a single day, or one day per month for 6 months to ensure employees receive proper care with follow up appointments to resolve their health issues.

Package A

Julie to come to your place of business to see up to 8 employees for one day.

15% off all appointments 

Package B

Julie to come to your place of business one day per month for 6 months.

8-16 appointments per day (Initial appointments 1 hour, follow up appointments 30 minutes)

20% off all appointments